Employer Branding

Codemotion es la plataforma multicanal que te permite conectarte con una comunidad de más de 250.000 desarrolladores en Europa.

Why do Employer Branding?

The digital transformation has generated an urgency for companies to have to attract, engage and retain professionals such as developers, who are key figures for completing this process.

89% of companies have already adopted a first digital transformation strategy or are planning to do it, and we know that out of 5.7 million developers in Europe only 13% are actively looking for work.

Today, many companies need to adopt a new Employer Branding strategy that knows how to reposition them in a highly competitive IT market.

So we at Codemotion put you in touch with our community based on your needs and target audience and set up pre-screenings with tech skills assessments (for Junior profiles) that help speed up the hiring process.

How can we help you?

We support you throughout the whole journey, from the implementation to the achievement of your goals*



We develop a communication plan that can speak to developers


Branded content

We create content that is relevant and of interest to our community


Events & Initiatives

We give you the opportunity to participate as a sponsor to our events


Branded Page

We create a dedicated page to advertise your brand, your content and job offers

* For companies with at least 10 developers

Why choose Codemotion?

We know developers, we know who they are, what they want and we speak the same language

We build ad-hoc projects that help every company to position themselves and build their Tech Employer Branding Value Proposition

Developers constantly browse the Codemotion platform because they find constantly updated high quality content
Our international community is made up of more than 180,000 professionals specialised in more than 100 technologies

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