Employer Branding

What does it mean to do Employer Branding?
Doing Employer Branding means starting a path of activities that help the company to position itself in the tech world towards software developers for the purpose of hiring and recruiting.
Why should my company do Employer Branding?
A company that wants to hire professionals in the tech field must know how to set up a corporate culture and a communication strategy that allows them to speak the same language as the developers and be able to interact with the community.
Do I have to belong to a specific industry to do Employer Branding?
No. Our partner companies come from different sectors.
How long is the Employer Branding journey?
Regardless of company goals, Employer Branding paths are designed for companies that want to innovate and get closer to our community in the long term.
What is a Coding Challenge?
The Coding Challenge is a code challenge open to our community where enthusiasts and professional coders come across the development of software in different languages.

Tech Marketing

What does it mean to do Tech Marketing?
Doing Tech Marketing means promoting your products and / or services with a bottom-up approach towards developers.
Why does my company need to do Tech Marketing?
The communication strategy and therefore the adoption of a product must be implemented with the end user as the main focus: the developer. The traditional marketing strategy does not work and we at Codemotion know how to build a path that can promote services and products in the most effective way.
How can I advertise my products and / or services?
We build an ad-hoc path based on the needs of the company that includes activities and initiatives throughout the year.
How long is the Tech Marketing journey?
Tech Marketing paths are designed for long-term goals.

Learning & Development

What types of courses does Codemotion offer to developers?
The Codemotion courses currently available are: Full Stack, Front End, Data Science and Cloud Engineering. All courses are available online, including hands-on projects, tutorials and mentoring.
What does learning by coding mean?
The learning by coding method means applying the study of coding in a practical way.
What does it mean to use training to increase retention?
Training is an important company benefit that helps to maintain high employee satisfaction and engagement with the company; and this tool consequently helps to strengthen retention and lower the turnover rates of professional figures such as developers.

CSR & Welfare

What does it mean to do Corporate Social Responsibility activities?
Doing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities means positioning yourself as a promoter of social and environmental causes. In the case of CSR activities with Codemotion, it means carrying out activities with a high social impact aimed at children, teenagers, and students.
What is a hackathon?
The Hackathon is a code marathon where groups of developers work collaboratively on a project. For the little ones, we offer a kid-friendly platform that stimulates creativity by learning to code while having fun.
What is a Playground in Codemotion?
A customized educational games platform to learn STEM subjects.
What are the STEM Academies?
A large-scale project with a high social impact with the aim of bringing innovative tools for learning STEM subjects to Italian schools

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