Rome, January 28th, 2021 – Codemotion, the platform that has always supported developers in their professional growth and helps companies get in touch with them for hiring or marketing purposes, announces the entry of Nelly Bonfiglio as the new Chief Commercial Officer.

Digitalization, internationalization, growth & community engagement are the three pillars on which a clear commercial strategy is based, which aims to bring the company to reach 20 million in turnover in 2023.

All this through the development of four business lines for the B2B market: Tech Marketing and Employer Branding, through content and services that support companies in the promotion of their products, as well as in the attraction and retention of  Tech figures; Learning and Development through a proprietary technical training platform for the needs of continuous Upskilling and Reskilling of tech profiles; CSR, projects with high added value for companies linked to sustainability, inclusion & diversity, overcoming the gender gap through high-impact technological initiatives.

The B2B commercial strategy joins the developer-centric B2C strategy of the company that will lead the Codemotion platform to be the reference point for 1 million developers by 2023 thanks to ever-increasing quality content and services dedicated to their professional growth. 

Nelly Bonfiglio joins the Codemotion board and, with her over 10 years of experience in the world of B2B tech and digital services, she will support the change of direction in the company’s commercial strategy: from a “physical and European conference-centric” approach, hindered in 2020 by the pandemic, to a completely digital value proposition, born with the aim of reaching a greater target audience and delivering live, on demand and up and running content, aimed at companies and IT professionals with the goal of bringing these two worlds closer and closer. 

Nelly Bonfiglio brings to Codemotion the strategy and flexibility in her previous experience at the Easy Welfare scale-up combined with international skills at a large company such as Groupon, of which she has followed the relaunch as Head of Sales & Deputy Country Manager. 

Codemotion is a solid company with a strategic vision of the future, which even in a complicated year like 2020, has seen its revenues triple. I am proud to take on a leading role within the company, to be another woman on the board, who will lead Codemotion in strengthening its value proposition in the Italian and international market” says Nelly Bonfiglio, Chief Commercial Officer of Codemotion. “Italy is the country where Codemotion was born, with subsequent expansion in Spain and the rest of Europe. The objective of 2021 and the three-year period 2021/23 will be to consolidate the base in our country, to explode Spain bringing it closer to Italy and to rapidly grow the rest of the European countries by offering companies structured paths to make them attractive for hiring and retention of the best tech profiles“.

Mara Marzocchi and I are happy to have found the right person who embodies the values ​​of Codemotion and who has the necessary drive to help the company grow double digit internationally in a challenging three-year industrial plan. Vision, ability to lead the commercial direction in the long term while remaining firmly anchored to the market and grasping its evolutions, Passion for our core business and for the management of large teams and Discipline are the three characteristics that struck us in Nelly right from the start and that convinced us that she was the right person to lead the great change that we began to face in 2020” says Chiara Russo, CEO and Co-founder Codemotion.

In addition to Nelly Bonfiglio, Codemotion also announced the entry of two new key figures  Valeria Sivvery, as Chief Marketing Officer and Marco Ghessi, Chief People and Culture Officer thanks to the support of Badenoch + Clark Executive Division.

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