Who We Are

Codemotion is the multi-channel platform that allows you to connect with a community of over 250,000 developers in Europe.

We are the partner of excellence for companies that have Tech Adoption, Employer Branding, Learning & Development and CSR objectives

Thanks to our 10 years experience with our community, Codemotion is positioned as the ideal partner for companies that want to be the best place where developers want to work for.

Our support consists in helping companies to position themselves as a technological brand to work with, to reach their technical target at the right time to promote technological products and / or services and to become drivers of innovation and sustainability by sponsoring activities with a high social impact.

Codemotion Timeline


Codemotion is founded


seed €1.5M (Primo Ventures, CDP)


series A €6M (Primo Ventures, CDP + P101)

Our numbers

Years on the market

Main markets: Italy, Spain, Northern Europe



Devs and IT on the platform


Hours of online courses


Tech communities connections


Devs <> companies connections

Interested in the following technologies

  • Software Architecture 17% 17%
  • Cloud/Sreverless 14% 14%
  • Front-End 12% 12%
  • AI/Machine Learning 10% 10%
  • Big Data 9% 9%
  • IoT 8% 8%
  • Design/UX 8% 8%
  • Cybersecurity 7% 7%
  • Inspirational 6% 6%
  • Blockchain 5% 5%
  • Diversity in Tech 4% 4%
  • AR/MR/VR 3% 3%

Level of experience

  • Expert 33% 33%
  • Junior 20% 20%
  • Senior 19% 19%
  • Student + Trainee 12% 12%
  • Middle 12% 12%

How do we help companies?


We help define the communication strategy towards developers


We implement it through a developer-centric personalised content path, which is based on company objectives and which speaks a tech language allowing them to connect with the right developers target


We support the company throughout its journey, always placing the value of ongoing collaboration at the center

Why choose Codemotion?

We know developers, we know who they are, what they want and we speak the same language

We build ad-hoc projects that help every company to position themselves and build their Tech Employer Branding Value Proposition

Developers constantly browse the Codemotion platform because they find constantly updated high quality content
Our international community is made up of more than 180,000 professionals specialised in more than 100 technologies

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